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Weddings for Real

Aug 4, 2020

The Planner's Vault Reopen Webinar

Have your wedding planning goals gone up in flames in 2020? Come join me Wednesday, Aug 5th at 8:30 pm EST for a free training on How to Stay Alive & Thrive During The Most Important Engagement Season of Your Career Despite Pandemics, Cancellations, & Reschedules - YIKES!

On this webinar training (sign up at you'll discover the answers every wedding planner needs to know, including:

* 3 different pivots that you may not have even thought of that can bring in money for you RIGHT NOW.

* How you can still network and get on preferred vendor lists even during a pandemic.

* Some easy ways to shift your mindset from fear of failure that's holding you back to FOCUSING ON The SUCCESS YOU Deserve.

* How Planner’s Vault members and others in the wedding planning community are booking new clients and even raising their prices in 2020.


Sign up here: