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Weddings for Real

Mar 31, 2021

You all know the reasons why to focus on Pinterest - it’s great to generate traffic to your website, it’s another platform to get in front of potential couples, and it’s a way to network with other vendors when you’re engaging with or sharing their work.  While Pinterest can be amazing, it can also be confusing....

Mar 17, 2021

Over the past year, with the wedding industry in shambles, Don Mamone has come up with a new outlook on his professional life - People First, Then Profit. Today on the show, Don talks about what relationship marketing means to him and why he's on a mission to #StopTheDoubleTap.

People First, Then Profit Weekly Zoom


Mar 15, 2021

Today we're sharing a few minutes of a new podcast, Hustle + Gather, with my friends Courtney Hopper and Dana Kadwell. It’s about the realness of running a business - how no one understands you except other entrepreneurs, tension between partners (in marriage and in business), doing all the non-glamorous things at all...

Mar 10, 2021

Sarah Miller and Nichole Holmes are the hosts of Netflix's new show, Marriage or Mortgage, where couples have to choose whether they want to spend their budget on a down payment on a house or a big wedding.  They have a hard decision to make, and today, we’re sharing both sides of the debate with Sarah and Nichole!

Mar 3, 2021

We all want to know - how can I have better rankings on Google so more couples come visit my website?  The answer of course is a little SEO (search engine optimization), but that seems complicated - unless Sara Dunn from Sara Does SEO is explaining it.  And today, Sara shares her 3 Step SEO Checklist specifically for...