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Weddings for Real

Nov 16, 2022

Last week, we were at Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, and it was memorable to say the least - and at some points it felt like an out-of-body experience. I had two presentations this time, with one of them on the main stage which was juuuusstt a bit intimidating.  

Today we talk about the journey from rejection to the main...

Nov 2, 2022

Starting a small business is not for the faint of heart. There’s fear that you’re not the right person to lead a company. There’s uncertainty that you’ll ever be able to make as much money as you did in your corporate job. There’s doubt that anyone will book you or that you can sustain the mental health...

Oct 26, 2022

We all have some opinions about the wedding industry that might be considered unpopular. But as I say in the intro, this podcast is a safe space to dish about the real of our industry.

And someone who’s not afraid to give his opinion is amazingly talented and hilarious Atlanta based florist Shean Strong. If you’re...

Oct 19, 2022

The Unraveling series, where amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs share the unraveling of old habits and mindset that holds us back, and the rebirth of new.  Today we feature Sandra Cassios, owner and lead planner at Sandra Bettina Weddings and Events, and owner of XO and Mane Gift Shop.

For previous Unravelings:

Oct 12, 2022

Ever since I got into podcasts (and believe it or not, it actually took me a while), I’ve been focused on growth: getting to the life that I want and not settling for less. If you’re listening to this podcast, I’m thinking that’s your mindset too. And that could mean so many things. A bigger house. Freedom from...