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Weddings for Real

May 16, 2018

Mikkel Paige is a wedding photographer and travel blogger, and she came on the show to give her Top 5 Destination Wedding Tips!

They are:

  1. Destination Weddings can be Stressful! If you’re getting married and you need to be in control, a destination wedding may not be for you, because there is so much you CANNOT control.
  2. Look Closely at your Contracts. A photographer might be included, but is that photographer right for you? And what if it’s not? Can you get a discount off of your package?
  3. Review the Laws of your Destination. Are you allowed to get married there?  Are there different rules based on the country’s laws on religion or gay marriage?
  4. Don’t Forget Sunscreen! If you’re golfing or lounging or drinking or whatever before the wedding, use sunscreen. You don’t want the sunglasses or bikini straps showing in your pictures!
  5. Consider the Weather. If you’re getting married on the east coast, a sunset ceremony is probably not going to happen for you.  And if it’s windy that day, you can’t force pictures by the beach.


Wedding Photographer Mikkel Paige

Mikkel can be found pretty much everywhere online, including: (Blog Mikkel contributes to) (Mikkel’s personal travel blog, which is fantastic!)

Check out the timeline of the blog and her wedding career:

 Mikkel Paige Sometimes Home Timeline



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