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Weddings for Real

Aug 14, 2019

Sam Jacobson, founder of Ideaction Consulting, has found that there are 4 types of buyers in the wedding market - The Relator, the Analyzer, the Boss, and the Dreamer.  And today, Sam gives some ways to identify what each of your clients are, how to sell them, how to work best with them, and how you need to change your sales strategy if you want to maximize the opportunities for clients to work with. 


About Sam Jacobson:

Sam is a business consultant, coach, and mentor for wedding pros across the country, whether they’re solopreneurs who are trying to level up, or established veterans who are trying to figure out how to not work quite so much.

Prior to starting Ideaction in 2016, Sam was the director of operations for Todd Events out of Texas, and before that the lodging director and sales manager at a resort venue in Washington State, where he discovered the concept of the 4 Buying Types.

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The host of the show is Megan Gillikin, owner and lead consultant at A Southern Soiree Wedding and Event Planning.  She's also available for wedding and hospitality business consulting and can be reached at

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