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Weddings for Real

Jul 18, 2018

Comedian Freddy Valoy came on the show to talk about how to give a great and memorable wedding speech.

Together, he and Megan came up with the following tips:

1. Don't Drink (Too Much). 
2. Remember, Everyone is Rooting for You. 
3. Don't Bring Up Your Phone
4. Keep it Short. Under 4 minutes.
5. Tease, but Don't Embarrass
6. Own The Moment, even if you mess up.
7. Be Honest, and Come from the Heart. 
8. You're giving a speech about the couple, not just one person.
9. Practice!
10. If you're not sure about the material, ask someone.
11. No slideshows.
12. Don't bring up exes.
With these tips, especially bringing it from the heart, you'll be sure to give a great wedding speech!
Freddy is a fellow podcaster.  Go listen to the FredTalk Podcast at:

Fred gets very personal in some of these, especially the Break Up Episode, which should have a Part 2 coming out soon (maybe - Fred says that "the FredTalk podcast is like the ocean, it comes in waves").

Check out Freddy live at:
Bombers Bev Co in Wilmington, July 27th
Trali Irish Pub in Raleigh, July 28th
The Comedy Zone in Charlotte, July 31st

Comedian Freddy Valoy

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